Learning Center

With so many tasks and projects competing for your attention, it’s more difficult than ever to advance your organization through training, education, and professional development. Imagine having a single resource that helps you get the most out of your iMIS investment. With your NiUG membership, you do! Our Learning Center connects you with hundreds of conference sessions and study materials at your fingertips.

It’s easy and inexpensive to review various conference sessions and study materials, fast forward to your favorite part, rewind to hear information again, and even pause the presentations to take notes. Download the presentation and take your education where you go. It’s also great for sharing with colleagues and staff.

Extend your professional development with the NiUG Learning Center.  

Attended a NiUG conference?

You already have access to some of these materials. Click the link below to view your educational history, keep track of your training, download guides, and much more!

Need help navigating the Learning Center?

Having trouble accessing the Learning Center. Click here to download the Navigating the Learning Center quick guide.