What Our Members Say...

While we are committed to provide a forum to advocate for, educate, and connect users and vendors in the iMIS community, don't just take our word for it. Hundreds of iMIS users both in the U.S. and abroad maximize their organization's iMIS investment with a NiUG membership. Join their ranks today. 

"NiUG International is my go-to for answers to my iMIS questions through their iMISInsider community.  Their education, training, and networking with other iMIS users allow me to glean crucial information we can use to further our mission.  We really like that they offer training in multiple ways and not just for more experienced users like myself but also for all user levels, even the basic of users. We especially love that their presenters are not just iMIS Solution Providers but also, seasoned iMIS Users who know firsthand the trials and tribulations we encounter on a daily basis."
Caitlin Goudreau, Director of Membership and Engagement
CFA Society Boston, Inc.
“Having been a member of NiUG since first moving to iMIS more than a decade ago, the open forum through the iMISInsider Community has been a lifeline to quickly find solutions without bothering (or paying for) my solution provider for assistance. Saving an hour or two in support costs easily offsets the cost of an annual membership. No brainer!"
 - Mark Fotheringham, VP of Communications/Membership & IT
Utah Medical Association
"Being the "go-to" iMIS resource at the Texas Bankers Association, NiUG enables me to easily connect with other iMIS users from various associations. When TBA staff have an iMIS question, I am their resource. When I have an iMIS question, NiUG is my resource. The open forum in the iMISInsider community and training opportunities that NiUG provides has been invaluable to me when making decisions on how to move forward with certain projects."
- Karen Carlson – Director of Data Services
Texas Bankers Association
"Causeis has been an Associate Member since 2010 and we would not second guess our renewal to NiUG International. As an Authorised iMIS Consultant, NiUG International with our local chapter NiUG Asia Pacific is our gateway to the full iMIS Community of users, ASI and prospects through training, networking and supporting the iMIS product development. "

 - Michelle Lelempsis, CEO/Owner & Lead Consultant
Causeis, an Authorized Solution Provider