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Volunteers represent an integral part of our success and ability to provide a forum to advocate for, educate, and connect users and vendors within the iMIS community. Complete the form below and become more involved with the iMIS community.  

Volunteer Information

1. How long have you been using iMIS? 

2. What roles have you held within the not-for-profit arena?

3. What roles have you held that involve iMIS?  

4. Tell us a little about yourself and your experience.

NiUG Committees

To learn more about NiUG's Committee roles and responsibilities, click here

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Membership Committee     

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NiUG Chapters

Our chapter program enables local iMIS users to have a greater opportunity to share experiences and knowledge. If interested in volunteering with our Chapter Program, indicate which chapter interests you.   

Asia Pacific Chapter     Canada Chapter       Europe Chapter    

If you are interested starting a local chapter in your area, let us know.    

NiUG Events

Our events enable our members to learn about the latest iMIS trends and how to make them work for their organization while networking with peers from the iMIS community. None of it would be possible without our volunteers. Below are the ways you can get involved at a NiUG Event. 


Moderator responsibilities include: prior to the start of assigned session, picking up the Moderator Packet at the Registration Desk,  Handing out session evaluations,  Assisting presenters with any issues or concerns,  Reminding speakers to repeat questions,  Recording a headcount of attendees, and at the end of the session, collecting evaluations, placing into the Moderator Packet and returning the packet to the Registration Desk.


Mentors are seasoned conference attendees that are partnered up with first time attendees to help them navigate the conference and introduce them to fellow iMIS users and vendors within the community.

Technology Helpers    

Technology helpers are utilized during the first day of each conference during the training sessions, helping to connect attendees to the training images at the start of each class through their remote terminal services.


Our speakers/presenters volunteer their time, expertise and experience by presenting a session or multiple sessions.

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