Frequently Asked Questions

Who is NiUG? -

We are the largest independent, not-for-profit, iMIS user's group. It is our vision is to create and maintain a platform where the iMIS community can: share information, easily connect with one another, and continuously gain knowledge through easily accessible educational tools and networking experiences.

Where is NiUG located?+

The Pocono Mountain Region of Pennsylvania

Is NiUG affiliated with Advanced Solutions International (ASI)?+

While we do maintain an open & working relationship with ASI, we are a totally independent organization with no duty or responsibility to ASI.

What is the relationship between NiUG & other regional iMIS users groups?+

We currently have a chapter in the Asia-Pacific region. While we encourage participation in local and regional users' groups, we do not operate in a competitive manner with other user communities. If you are interested in starting a local chapter, contact us for additional information.


Who can join NiUG?-

Membership is open to all iMIS users, Authorized iMIS Solution Providers (AiSP), Authorized iMIS Consultants (AiC), and related vendors within the iMIS community. Membership is at an organizational level - pay one fee and your entire staff is able to take advantage of all member benefits.

How do I join NiUG?+

It's easy - Join online!

What is the cost of membership?+

Dues for organizational members are based on how many iMIS licensed users the organization has. Member dues for 2023:

# of licenses     Dues 
 1   $99
 2   $125
 3   $150
 4   $175 
 5   $230 
 6-10   $280 
 11-20    $400
 21-30   $525 
 31-40   $655 
 41-50    $780
 51 or more    $870
 Associate    $550
 Vendor    $600

How do I know if my company is already a member?+

Check with the person responsible for maintaining iMIS within your organization or for selling/integrating with iMIS. If still unsure, feel free to contact us.

What are the membership categories? +

We offer three different membership categories:

  • Organizational Membership - Limited to persons or firms who own and operate iMIS systems including but not limited to: professional and trade associations, philanthropic organizations, and association management companies
  • Associate Membership - Limited to authorized iMIS solution providers or authorized iMIS consultants
  • Vendor Membership - Limited to persons or firms that offer products or services to the NiUG community that do not otherwise qualify for associate membership

What is the difference between an Organizational, an Associate, and a Vendor Member?+

Organizational Members are iMIS user companies, including associations, association management companies, philanthropic, religious, and community-based organizations, and any other entity that has purchased iMIS for the sole purpose of maintaining their business. Associate Members are solution providers and consultants who are authorized through Advanced Solutions International as an AiSP or AiC. Vendor members are organizations who have a product that integrates and/or enhances iMIS.  Associate and Vendor members are not eligible for Executive Committee Board positions but can participate on other committees or serve as Chapter Representatives.

How are my membership dues used?+

Membership dues cover our operating costs including the salaries of our three full time staff members. As a not-for-profit entity, any income above and beyond our expenses is used solely to reinvest in the organization. No individual member, volunteer or board member can financially benefit from this revenue.


What is the Open Forum (aka the "Listserve")?-

The Open Forum is located in our iMISInsider Member Community. It is our email-based, online forum where you can find answers to your iMIS questions. Whether your question is a simple data entry question, about iMIS integration, or how to write a script or report, fellow members are here to help. All you have to do is ask!

How do I log into the website? +

You must use your personal login and password to log into our website. Forgot your login and/or password? Use the reset password feature.  

What does it cost to post a job opening in the Career Center? +

It is free for members to post or search job openings in the Career Center


What committees does NiUG maintain?-

Current standing committees include: the Program Committee and the Product Advisory Committee (PAC).  For more information about our committees click here.

How can I get involved with a committee?+

In most cases, just by asking! Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Click here to get involved.

Who serves on the NiUG Board of Directors?+

The Board of Directors includes nine (9) individuals consisting of the following; a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and an Immediate Past President, who own or are all employed by regular members of the Association and two (2) Advisory Board Members, one (1) Associate Liaison, and one (1) Chapter Representative. For a complete listing click here.


Can non-members participate in NiUG sponsored events?-

Yes. Non-members are welcome to attend but a higher rate.

How often does NiUG hold conferences?+

Our Annual Conference Series includes three (3) events in the United States and Australia. In the United States, two conferences are held annually - the Regional Conference in the spring and the Discovery Conference in the fall. To address the needs of all of our members, our international chapter also holds a regional Discovery conference. For more information about all NiUG events click here.

Where are conferences held?+

Considering the majority of our members are located in United States, two conferences are held annually - the Regional Conference in the spring and the Discovery Conference in the fall. Locations are rotated to best serve our members. 
In addition to our domestic conferences, our international chapters hold their own Discovery Conferences. For more information on our international chapters click here.

Who decides where the conferences are held each year?+

Based on feedback from our membership, the Executive Director chooses the location. 

How are the topics selected for the conferences?+

The Program Committee chooses the class and breakout session topics based on member feedback, recent developments within the iMIS community, and hot topics pulled from the Open Forum. 

How can I get on the agenda at a NiUG conference?+

While we always encourage sessions lead by iMIS users, we often need to rely on Associate Members & ASI to fill the agenda. 

Are conference presenters paid?+

No. All instructors and presenters are volunteer but do receive discounted registration fees.