Exhibitor & Partner Toolkit

Now that you’ve reserved your space at the 2018 NiUG Discovery Conference, let your clients and future contacts know how important it is that they are there too. This exhibitor & partner toolkit will help you promote your presence at the 2018 NiUG Discovery Conference. It’s crammed full with everything you need to spread the word, including various graphics, an email template, and social media messaging. Get the most from your investment by spreading the word about your participation.

Download the Toolkit

2018 NiUG Discovery Conference Graphics

Use these graphics in presentations, post on your company website, add to your blog, include in newsletters, or use in your email signature.

Email Template 

Generate awareness about your participation at the 2018 NiUG Discovery Conference. Personalize this email template and send to all of your colleagues and contacts.

Social Media Messaging

Use the copy below to send messages across your social media channels to promote your involvement a the 2018 NiUG Discovery Conference. 

Post on Your Company Blog

There’s no better way to make purchasing decisions for your association than to learn about the product first-hand and talk face-to-face with a knowledgeable supplier. Discovering new advances, comparing them with other products and services, and meeting with users already using the products will ensure you pick the best solutions for your nonprofit. 

Get the convenience and value of that experience by attending the 2018 NiUG Discovery Conference, October 8-10, 2018 in Arlington, Virginia. At the 2018 NiUG Discovery Conference learn from expert instructors who have real-life experience using iMIS, network with colleagues from across the globe, and share, compare, and become more aware of what you can do with iMIS! Visit the Conference Site for a complete session listing.

While you're there, visit us in the [INSERT LOCATION] to meet with our experts and learn about our newest products and services including

  • [Product/Service]
  • [Product/Service]

[INSERT LINK TO VISITOR REGISTRATION] We hope to see you at the 2018 NiUG Discovery Conference!

140 Characters for Twitter

We’re exhibiting at #NiUG18. Join us on October 8-10 for #NiUG's largest #iMIS event of the year: [INSERT LINK TO VISITOR REGISTRATION] #NiUG18

Two weeks to go until #NiUG18. Swing by our booth in the [INSERT LOCATION]: [LINK TO VISITOR REGISTRATION]  #NiUG18

Only THREE days to go until #NiUG18! See our new [INSERT NAME OF PRODUCT] at our booth in the [INSERT LOCATION]. Register here: [INSERT LINK TO VISITOR REGISTRATION] #NiUG18

Visiting this year’s #NiUG18? Drop off your business card at our booth in the [INSERT LOCATION] for a chance to win a [INSERT COMPETITION PRIZE]. [INSERT LINK TO VISITOR REGISTRATION] #NiUG18

Join us at #NiUG18, October 8-10 in Arlington, VA. [INSERT LINK TO VISITOR REGISTRATION] #NiUG18

50-word Description for Facebook or LinkedIn

We’re exhibiting at the 2018 #NiUG Discovery, one of the largest #iMIS users conference of the year. The event offers expert instructors who have real-life iMIS experience, networking, & exhibitors that feature the newest technologies including [INSERT HIGHLIGHTED COMPANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE]. Join us in Arlington, VA, October 8-10, 2018. Register today! [INSERT LINK TO VISITOR REGISTRATION] #NiUG18